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When they turn the pages of history, when these days have passed long ago...

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Band Members

Early in 1968, Willowdale neighbors Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey formed a band that was initially called "Projection". John's older brother is credited with suggesting the name "Rush" a few months later.

Between 1968 and the release of the first album in 1974, there were several personnel changes involving Geddy Lee, Lindy Young, and others. At one point, Geddy formed a band of his own, and Rush changed its name to Hadrian, then they broke up, got back together, it was a real mess!

Go see Jim Wright's "Rush At Resist Page" for a good chronological history of the early days. Or do a Google Search on "John Rutsey", most of those links have similar information.

From July 1974 to present, there have been no changes in the band's lineup of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart, although other people have occasionally made guest appearances on keyboards and backing vocals.

The Rush "Sound"

Rush truly embodies the idea behind "progressive rock". In their 30+ years together, they have never relied on the same tired formula to guarantee continued success. Instead their sound is constantly evolving, sometimes with dramatic changes within a few years.

Most fans generally consider the band to have gone through several "periods", each with four studio albums followed by a live album:

The Hard Rock Era - Rush through 2112
The Art-Rock Era - A Farewell to Kings through Moving Pictures
The Synthesizer Era - Signals through Hold Your Fire
The Modern Era - Presto through Vapor Trails

You can read more about these albums (including my commentary...for what it's worth!) on my albums, songs, and lyrics page.

Other Projects

All three members of Rush have been involved with numerous musical endeavors outside of the band, which are detailed on their individual pages. They appeared as a group with Max Webster on "Battlescar", on the Universal Juveniles album.

In addition, Rush have been active with many charity projects over the years:


Some of the awards Rush have won as a group:

Juno Awards:

Grammy Award nominations:

Other awards:

You can see more highlights of Rush's career at Rush.com.